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Quality is perhaps Adicon's most important deliverable product. Adicon seeks to achieve the highest quality standard of construction at the most efficient and economical levels that are consistent with the design intent. As a construction manager, quality is a key element in Addi's successful history.Adicon's quality control program is designed to assure quality construction.Our company is committed to the continual improvement in the quality of services provided and to meet client expectations. As such we have a working Quality Control Plan employing principles of Total Quality Management (TQM) that were successfully implemented on numerous client projects. We recognise that quality is the whole construction team's responsibility. Properly implemented, our attention to quality is not in conflict with our client's requirements of low cost and timely delivery
  Quality Objectives
Satisfaction of all our customers.
Optimum utilisation of resources.
Continuous improvement of productivity.
Quality of awareness by virtue of training, sharing the information within the organisation.
Safety and environmental protection.